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Effect 3D_Studio_1.1.0429.2 Portable.rar Free Download

Effect3D Studio provides designers of all levels the ability to create professional looking 3D animated graphics. A real-time 3D preview window provides a WYSIWYG editing environment to see your project develop. To add effects to your project, drag-and-drop from the hundreds of backgrounds, 3D objects, rendering effects, material settings, lighting and animation effects available from the content galleries, plus manually adjust various settings & parameters to achieve your desired effect.
Effect3D Studio includes a gallery of over 700 high quality 3D objects cleverly categorized for easy browsing. A 3D Text tool allows you to create your own 3D objects just by typing in text! or you can use the import 3D object function to import any 3D object created in the popular 3DS format. All together this provides you with an unlimited 3D resource for your projects.
Effect3D Studio allows you to use your own photo collection or graphics in your projects. You can use these images as the background to a project enabling you to add static or animated 3D objects, shapes, characters and text or you can import the images themselves as a 3D object enabling you to animate the image itself.
Effect3D Studio uses the most advanced animation technology to bring your project to life, using a combination of FFD (free-form deformation), RTS (rotate, transform, scale), and animated lighting can make your 3D objects bow, dance, or even do the hula-hula! Some 3D objects in the gallery also include embedded animation's designed specifically for a particular object.
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