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Memory_Booster.rar Free Download

Memory Booster Gold is accommodated to deal with problems of memory management. It is a feature-rich yet easy-to-use program. Whether you want to improve your PC's performance or cleanse fragmentations collected in your system, it must be the tool of choice. Memory is a precious resource for computer, when it becomes low, the computer will slow down severely or crash often.
Memory Booster Gold is a useful utility to monitor and manage system memory. And it decreases load time and improves application performance.
How to release memory
Memory Booster Gold will help you to enhance your PC's performance by safely releasing memory. Users can release memory manually or automatically.
Release memory manually
step 1: Click "Release" button on main window.
step 2: Memory Booster Gold features an innovatively float window which displays
your memory usage, CPU usage and paging file usage in real time. Users can click the
"Free" button to release memory manually.
Release memory automatically
step 1: Wizard gathers all settings of the program, click "wizard" button and set
settings to release memory automatically.
step 2: Tick the "Automatic Release" checkbox.
step 3: Interval glide bar: Set time interval (minute).
step 4: Rule lists: Select one or two items ("White List", "Auto list", "Black List", "Idle
list") as reference rule.
step 5: Click "Recommend" button on the bottom right of the window to apply preset
How to compress memory
Compress memory enables users to reclaim memory in minutes. However, compress memory can be performed only when a great deal of physical memory needed. Don't perform the operation frequently.
Compress memory manually
Click "Compress" button on main window.
Compress memory automatically
Step 1: Tick the "Automatic compress" box and set the following parameters:
Monitor interval: Choose interval among1 ~ 10 minutes to monitor your memory usage.
Low value: Specify value on the bar. Memory Booster Gold will compress memory automatically if available memory falls below specified value.
Desired amount: Specify desired amount of memory you want to reclaim.
Step 2: Specify a percentage and tick the box in front of "Do not compress..." to
enable CPU protection when CPU usage exceeds specified value.
This is a Winrar File you Must be Install Winrar in Your Computer.


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Muhammad AZAD said...
September 29, 2012 at 2:21 PM

i like ur blog very much and got much info
but i download memory booster and it is password protected
kindly can u tell the password of this archieve

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