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Speaking Dictionary & Learning Words.zip Free Download

Before (or right after) installing program you need install
MS Agent - MS agent.exe (without this component program won't work).
This component kept together with program setup files.

After installing program dont forget install dictionaries
in to the "...\Dict" directory in program install directory. 

Download necessary files you can from site:

This program is Shareware. A personal license costs US$ 45

Brief description:
Multilingual dictionary, and the software for learning words of foreign languages.
It is possible to learn how to pronounce words in the following languages:
English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese.
Microsoft animated characters (Genie, Robby, Peedy or Merlin), will pop out and 
read the words in different languages to you. You can find many features that 
really help to enlarge you vocabulary with minimum consumed efforts.

System Reguirements:
PC 486, 16 MB, sound card

Pavel Zapanov.

All question and suggestions please sent to:

Copyright (C) 2001, Pavel Zapanov

This is a Winrar File you Must be Install Winrar in Your Computer.


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